Production and installation of recovery boilers
PJSC HKP “Kotloenergoproekt” provides a full range of services for the design, manufacture and installation of recovery boilers.

Areas of application of Kotloenergoproekt waste heat boilers
We manufacture waste heat boilers for various industries and guarantee the implementation of projects at a high technical level.

Recycling boilers in the coke industry
They are used to dispose of the heat of hot coke during dry quenching.

Converter gas cooler boilers
Designed for cooling and afterburning of converter gases leaving the steel converter.

Waste boilers used in steam and gas cogeneration plants
Used to produce medium and high pressure steam by converting the heat of the exhaust gas turbine plant gases into steam for further use in the steam turbine. For cogeneration plants, they are used to utilize turbine and reciprocating engine gases and to produce steam or hot water for heating systems.

Energy Technology Units (ETA)
Widely used in the chemical, pulp and paper and metallurgical industries. It is an integral part of the technological process, and therefore the separate operation of technological and power units is impossible.

Advantages of ordering recovery boilers from PJSC HKP Kotloenergoproekt
Extensive production experience for various industries: metallurgy, coke industry, power plants, chemical industry.
We consider each object as a unique combination of characteristics: environment, place, necessary parameters, which makes our decisions more effective.
Multi-stage quality control of materials and works both in production and during installation.
We always fulfill the obligations regarding the declared characteristics of the equipment.

What is a waste heat boiler

A steam or hot water boiler that does not have its own combustion device is a boiler recycler. Basically, these boilers use only the heat of the exhaust gases of industrial equipment for various purposes, but there are also waste heat boilers which, along with the heat of the exhaust gases use chemical heat in the form of combustible components. Recycling boilers allow not only rational use of energy resources at the enterprise, but also reduce thermal pollution of the atmosphere and also help reduce the removal of technological raw materials with gases, which in the complex leads to a significant economic effect.

Classification of recovery boilers
Disposal boilers are divided into several groups on the following grounds:

  • According to the temperature of combustion products at the inlet of the boiler:
    According to this feature, recovery boilers are divided into low-temperature (at temperature< 900 ° C) and high-temperature (at temperature>1000 ° C).
  • By steam parameters:
    Utilizer boilers are produced low (P = 1.5 MPa, t ≈ 300 ° С), high (4.5 MPa and 450 ° С) and high (10–14 MPa and 550 ° C) parameters.
  • According to the method of organizing the mutual movement of water and steam and combustion products:
    Gas-tube and water-tube recovery boilers.
  • According to the method of organizing the movement of water in the evaporating circuit of water-tube boilers:
    Utilizer boilers with natural circulation and with multiple forced circulation (MPC).
  • According to the design of layout solutions and heating surfaces:
    According to this feature, recovery boilers are U-shaped, tower and horizontal-tunnel types with serpentine convective heating surfaces in low-temperature boilers and radiation-convective in high-convective.