Industrial boilers on coal

Automated coal-fired industrial boilers are equipment with a complex and powerful system, designed for the impeccable quality of the functions performed. Despite the relatively high price, industrial coal-fired boilers allow you to use fuel correctly and save it, they are distinguished by very convenient operation and a long service life. These and many other reasons allow coal industrial boilers to remain one of the most popular today.

Coal-fired boilers with industrial power are models that can efficiently heat large rooms from 500-600 m2. It is the industrial coal-fired boiler that makes its power, which starts from 50-60 kW. The capabilities of more powerful models can reach several hundred kW. Often in the heating of very large premises, the installation of a number of industrial boilers is organized. The orientation of the heated room does not matter much if the heat on coal is profitable and affordable. The place of heating easily becomes:
factory spaces, workshops or workshops;
administrative and commercial buildings;
warehouses, greenhouses and other working premises.
The device of an industrial boiler on coal

Modern coal-fired boilers for large rooms are designed with ease of use in mind, so the most efficient and appropriate models are semi-automatic and automatic boilers. Multi-day and economical combustion in industrial models is the result of a well-thought-out design, which includes several essential components.

For semi-automatic models, these are:

furnace compartment (1 or 2);
chimney system (with exhaust fan);
heating circuit;
automatic control system.

For automatic boilers, there are additional equipment (in addition to the above):

large fuel bunker;
screw auto-fuel supply system.

Features of the industrial coal boiler

The “head” part of the boiler equipment is an electronic control unit in combination with built-in sensors. A powerful automation system calculates the fuel resource based on the settings and follows the burning algorithm exactly. In this way, the electronics reduce the need for boiler control and provide very comfortable and reliable heating.

The difference in the operation of auto-boilers and semi-automatic models is that the former are equipped with a fuel bunker connected to the main body of the boiler. Fractionated coal is used in automatic machines (size from 20 to 300 mm, depending on the model), in semi-automatic machines it is possible to burn lumpy grades of coal.

In practice, an industrial coal-fired boiler operates according to the set temperature: if its performance decreases, the system independently increases the intensity of combustion and warms the room until the parameters reach the required rate.
Benefits of industrial coal fired boilers

electronic control systems installed in industrial boilers are distinguished by many convenient functions that can be flexibly adjusted to current requirements. The automatic system allows you to regulate the operation of: boiler power, all temperatures, feed rate and intensity of coal combustion, all pumps (CH, DHW and others) and much more (depending on the model);
automation also reduces labor costs for maintenance personnel in a large boiler room;
all automatic industrial boilers are equipped with a built-in and large coal bunker, which provides the boiler with independent operation for a period of several days (up to 7 or even a little more). The work of semi-automatic models is also lengthy, with the difference that the fuel must be periodically added manually;
coal and its variations remain the most affordable cheap fuel in comparison with other types of solid fuel, which makes it possible to economically burn it on an industrial scale;
powerful boilers are equipped with the same powerful security system that protects all mechanical and electronic devices from fire or failure.