HCP Kotloenergoproekt provides a full range of services for the assembly, production and installation of main and auxiliary heat equipment.

The main range of products of Kotloenergoproekt includes:

  • liquid, gaseous and solid fuel boilers;
  • steam boilers on liquid, gaseous and solid fuels;
  • steam and hot water boilers on biofuels;
  • recovery boilers
  • burners for all types of fuel;
  • heat exchangers;
  • deaerators;
  • boiler auxiliary equipment;
  • pipelines;
  • tubular furnaces for the petrochemical industry;
  • software and hardware complexes ACS TP.

The company has production facilities with a total area of 5,943 square meters, which are equipped with modern equipment, including:

  • equipment for welding in carbon dioxide, argon arc welding, electrode welding;
  • gas and plasma cutting machines;
  • mandrel pipe benders for pipes up to 160 mm in diameter;
  • fleet of machining equipment;
  • metalwork and assembly tools;
  • defectoscopy devices (ultrasonic inspection, X-ray inspection).

The technical equipment of the enterprise allows to carry out works on production of the power equipment in full:

  • heating surfaces;
  • metal structures;
  • boiler drums;
  • burner devices;
  • boiler auxiliary equipment;
  • tubular furnaces for the petrochemical industry