Production and installation of industrial boilers and CHPs on biomass
The company “Kotloenergoproekt” can design and manufacture industrial boilers for combustion of various biofuels. It can be the simplest biofuel – wood chips, sawdust, pellets, and quite complex: chicken manure, straw, solid waste.

PJSC HCP “Kotloenergoproekt” is:
Unique own developments working on real objects
Experience of BioTPP construction from scratch before commissioning
Low emissions of CO, NOx, SOx are achieved due to the correct organization of combustion
Long-term operation of the equipment without stopping to clean the surfaces.
Production of multi-fuel boilers on biomass: industrial boilers on wood chips, pellets and sawdust.
The equipment has the declared characteristics and corresponds to ecological norms.
Technical solutions of our industrial boilers allow burning: wood pellets, straw pellets, sunflower husk pellets, wood, wood chips, sawdust, paper, sunflower husk, soybean husk, elevator waste, rice husk, straw, straw and chicken manure, bard.

Enterprises for which we manufactured and installed industrial biofuel boilers

Biomass boilers have a number of distinctive features that are associated with the fuel used – biomass.
Biofuel is heterogeneous in physicochemical characteristics, has different humidity, has in most cases different fraction and low melting point of ash. Therefore, it is a more complex fuel than gas or fuel oil and requires more careful design of the furnace and boiler.
During many years of work with various fuels, Kotloenergoproekt has gained extensive experience in the design, manufacture and commissioning of industrial boilers for biomass combustion, as well as other solid fuels to convert it into hot water, air, steam and further – into electricity.
PJSC HCP “Kotloenergoproekt” has the ability and capacity to design, design, manufacture equipment and construction of the entire boiler or bioelectric power plant, from fuel storage to power grids and chimneys. Including fuel supply, combustion technology, biofuel boiler design, flue gas cleaning, ash removal, power generation and transmission system, and control and automation of the entire installation.

Areas of application of biofuel boilers
Area of application of steam and hot water boilers on biomass are quite diverse:

Utilities and industrial enterprises – boilers for heating.

Agricultural processing enterprises – utilization of waste from processing and production of steam, hot water, air for heating and technological needs. MEZ and MZhK, sugar factories – steam boilers on biofuels.

Steam boilers for food production companies.

Elevator complexes – replacement of regular heat generators of grain dryers with heat generators on biomass with the use of straw, sunflower husk and wood as biofuel for the boiler.

The enterprises of woodworking and paper industry can use boilers on wood chips, sawdust, pellet boilers for utilization of processing waste.

Livestock complexes and poultry farms can use biofuel steam boilers to burn animal waste to generate steam and electricity.

CHP on biomass.

Combustion of solid waste in industrial boilers with heat and electricity.