HCP Kotloenergoproekt implements both complex and individual technical and technological solutions. It offers both the creation of new energy facilities and the reconstruction and commissioning of existing energy equipment.
The company performs reconstruction of boilers, burners, auxiliary equipment in order to increase energy efficiency, improve technical and economic performance and environmental protection:

reconstruction of boilers BGM, BKZ, KE, DKVR, PTVM, TP, PC, TDM;
transfer of steam boilers to hot water mode;
reconstruction of multi-fuel boilers;
reconstruction of boilers for operation on high-sulfur fuels;
reconstruction of boilers for incineration of agricultural waste (sunflower husk and buckwheat) and waste from the woodworking industry (sawdust, bark, trimmings);
overhaul of boilers.

Reconstruction of thermal power equipment provides:
increase in productivity of power plants to 30-50% with simultaneous increase in efficiency;
reduction of environmental pollution; reduction of emissions of nitrogen oxides by 30-60%;
replacement of natural gas in the fuel balance of the enterprise with cheaper fuels, the possibility of using alternative fuels in the form of agricultural and industrial waste as an energy source;
increasing the maintenance period, reducing the amount of repairs and increasing the service life of installations.